[W-2] Analysis and Readouts: MUX

Date and Time July 26 (Wed.), 2023 / 10:30 ~ 12:35
Room Grand Ballroom #201
Session Chair Mathias Wegner (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)), Kosuke Sato (Saitama University)
Presentation Code Time Presentation Title / Presenter
W-2-1 (Invited) 10:30 ~ 10:50

A 1,820-channel multiplexer for TES bolometer readout

John Groh (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA)

W-2-2 10:50 ~ 11:05

The LiteBIRD satellite mission: the focal-plane units and cold readout system

Hiroki Akamatsu (QUP & SRON, Japan)

W-2-3 11:05 ~ 11:20

Multiplexing ASIC for the readout of high impedance TES micro-calorimeters for X-ray spectro-imaging

Benjamin Criton (CEA/DRF/IRFU - Saclay, France)

W-2-4 11:20 ~ 11:35

Integration of microwave SQUID multiplexers into the focal plane of microcalorimeter arrays

Sebastian Kempf (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany)

W-2-5 11:35 ~ 11:50

Advances in microwave SQUID multiplexing

John Mates (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA)

W-2-6 11:50 ~ 12:05

Simultaneous readout of 70-pixel X-ray transition-edge sensor of high resistive material with low-noise microwave SQUID multiplexer

Takahiro Kikuchi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan)

W-2-7 12:05 ~ 12:20

Frequency domain multiplexing readout for large arrays of transition-edge sensor X-ray micro-calorimeters

Davide Vaccaro (NWO-I/SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, The Netherlands)

W-2-8 12:20 ~ 12:35

Scalability of in SQUID multiplexers for space-based applications

Jan van der Kuur (SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, The Netherlands)

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