Presentation Guideline

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    Oral Session

    • All presenters should bring their USB sticks to upload the presentation file in their session room.
    • Files should be uploaded to the local PCs in the Main Conference Hall (#201) the day before your presentation.
      • Upload Time: 07:30 ~ 08:00 / 12:40 ~ 14:00 / Coffee Break / Within 30 min. after the end of the last session each day

      * If you want to upload your file on Sunday (July 23), please visit the venue’s Main Conference Hall (#201).

    • Due to time limitations, please note that no personal computer will be allowed for presentations.
    • Speakers should arrive in the session room at least 10 minutes BEFORE the start of their sessions to report their presence to the Session Chairs.
    • Your presentation will be recorded using Zoom, and the recorded video will be uploaded on the website and available for the registered participants.
    Presentation Type Total Presentation Time Presentation Time Only Q&A Time
    Oral 15 min. 12 min. 3 min.
    Invited Talks 20 min. 15 min. 5 min.
    Invited Reviews 30 min. 25 min. 5 min.
    Keynote Talks 40 min. 33 min. 7 min.

    Visual Equipment

    • Each session room is equipped with the following equipment.
    • Laptop computer (Windows 10 Pro, MS-office PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat Reader, 3 USB ports)
    • Smart Pointer and mouse
    • Beam projector (RGB or HDMI Port)
    • Presentation File Ratio: 16:9 size
  • Poster Session

    • The posters will be posted all day on all conference dates.
    • Presenters will be asked to attach their posters on Monday before the afternoon session and to remove them on Friday by 2:00 PM.
    • The poster format is recommended to be A0 with portrait orientation (W x H = 841mm x 1189mm).
    • We request you to upload a pdf poster and two videos (1 minute and 5 minutes long) using Google Form by July 14 (Fri.) 19 (Wed.) 10am(KST) 2023 in Korea Standard Time at the latest. The submission of a poster pdf and videos is optional for all poster presentations. (*The hard-copy posters should be posted and presented at the appropriate times.) Multiple submissions are allowed before the firm deadline, and the most recent ones will be used.
    • We recommend high-definition resolution for a one-minute video and standard definition resolution for a five-minute video. (.mp4 format, Maximum Video File Size: 300MB)
    • File naming should follow the below patterns.
      • Poster File: Presentation Code_Poster (Ex. MP-001_Poster)
      • Poster Video (1 min.): Presentation Code_1min. (Ex. TP-178_1min.)
      • Poster Video (5 min.): Presentation Code_5min. (Ex. RP-240_5min.)
    • The one-minute video will be played on some monitors inside the conference venue for introductory purposes.
      Depending on the number of video files, these can be played during break times in the main session hall.
    • The five-minute video may contain some details of the presentation. We will attach a QR code to each poster panel in the poster hall for direct connection to its online video.
    • During the poster session, the presenters are expected to be present next to their posters in order to present them.
    • The poster PDF file that you have uploaded will be available for online discussion using comments function with all participants. We hope you will have a fruitful and engaging discussion with other participants.
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