Invited Talks (Confirmed)

Chelsea Bartram (SLAC National Lab)

QCD Axion Search with ADMX

Woohyun Chung (IBS)

Recent Progress on IBS-CAPP's Axion Search

Hawkins Clay (UC Santa Barbara)

Mitigation of Athermal Phonon Loss and Recent Improvements That Have Yielded the Highest Spectral Resolution

Marco Faverzani (University and INFN Milano - Bicocca)

First Results from HOLMES

John Groh (University of Colorado, Boulder)

A 1,820-channel Multiplexer for TES Bolometer Readout

Kaori Hattori (AIST)

An Optical Transition-edge Sensor with High Energy Resolution

Yoshitaka Ishisaki (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Resolve Instrument Onboard X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission (XRISM)

Inwook Kim (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Status of the BeEST Heavy Neutrino Search Experiment

Douglas Leonard (IBS)

Controlling Backgrounds from Radioactive Materials Impurities in Cryogenic Detectors

Shinji Okada (Chubu University)

LTDs to Study Exotic Atoms

Alessandro Paiella (Universita' di Roma Sapienza & INFN Roma1)

The MISTRAL Instrument and the Characterization of Its Focal Plane

Matias Rodrigues (LNE-LNHB)

Quantitative Analysis by X-ray and Gamma-ray Spectrometry Using Cryogenic Detectors: Application to the Metrological Determination of Photon Emission Intensities

Matt Shaw (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology)

Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detector (SNSPD) Arrays for Space-to-ground Classical and Quantum Optical Communication

Jennifer Smith (UC Santa Barbara)

Flexible, Coaxial Ribbon-Cable for High-Density Superconducting Detector Arrays

Marco Vignati (Universita' di Roma Sapienza & INFN Rome)

New results from BULLKID

Lixing You (SIMIT-CAS)

Superconducting Strip Photon Detectors and Applications in Quantum Information Processing

Qing-Yuan Zhao (Nanjing University)

A Four-Quadrant Superconducting Nanowire Photon-Number Resolving Detector Useable for Gigabit Deep-Space Communications

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