[R-4-A] Sensor Physics: KID, Applications: Bolometers for EM radiation

Date and Time July 27 (Thu.), 2023 / 16:35 ~ 18:40
Room Grand Ballroom #201
Session Chair Shahab Oddin Dabironezare (SRON), Sofia Fatigoni (Caltech)
Presentation Code Time Presentation Title / Presenter
R-4-1A (Invited) 16:35 ~ 16:55

The MISTRAL instrument and the characterization of its focal plane

Alessandro Paiella (Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy, INFN Roma1, Italy)

R-4-2A 16:55 ~ 17:10

Hierarchical phased-array antennas coupled to lumped-element aluminum KIDs: a scalable architecture for multi-band millimeter/submillimeter focal planes

Fabien Defrance (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, USA)

R-4-3A 17:10 ~ 17:25

Development of 109-pixel MKID array for 100-GHz band astronomical observations

Yosuke Murayama (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Japan)

R-4-4A 17:25 ~ 17:40

Optimization of an optical testbed for characterization of EXCLAIM u-spec integrated spectrometers

Maryam Rahmani (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA)

R-4-5A 17:40 ~ 17:55

Development of MKIDs for CMB polarization observation experiment GroundBIRD

Tomonaga Tanaka (Tohoku University, Japan)

R-4-6A 17:55 ~ 18:10

Focal plane characterization for the terahertz intensity mapper

Lun-Jun Liu (California Institute of Technology, USA)

R-4-7A 18:10 ~ 18:25

CCAT: An update on the fred young submillimeter telescope and the prime-cam receiver

Steve Choi (Cornell University, USA)

R-4-8A 18:25 ~ 18:40

Design and characterization of MKIDs array for SPIAKID

Jie Hu (GEPI, Observatoire de Paris, PSL Université, CNRS, France)

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