[R-3-B] Applications: Axions, Dark matter & Neutrinos

Date and Time July 27 (Thu.), 2023 / 14:00 ~ 16:15
Room Conference Hall
Session Chair Raimund Strauss (Technical University of Munich (TUM)), SungWoo Youn (Institute for Basic Science)
Presentation Code Time Presentation Title / Presenter
R-3-1B (Invited) 14:00 ~ 14:20

QCD axion search with ADMX

Chelsea Bartram (SLAC National Lab, USA)

R-3-2B (Invited) 14:20 ~ 14:40

Recent progress on IBS-CAPP's axion search

Woohyun Chung (Institute for Basic Science, Korea)

R-3-3B 14:40 ~ 14:55

First high-temperature superconducting cavities for axion dark matter search

Danho Ahn (Center for Axion and Precision Physics Research, Institute for Basic Science, Korea)

R-3-4B 14:55 ~ 15:10

The NUCLEUS experiment: Cryogenic detectors for reactor antineutrino detection

Johannes Rothe (Technical University Munich, Germany)

R-3-5B 15:10 ~ 15:25

Application of a modular TES-based readout to a Li2MoO4 cryogenic calorimeter

Valentina Novati (Northwestern University, USA)

R-3-6B (Invited) 15:25 ~ 15:45

Status of the BeEST heavy neutrino search experiment

Inwook Kim (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)

R-3-7B 15:45 ~ 16:00

LiF experiment for keV sterile neutrino search

YongChang Lee (Institute for Basic Science, Korea)

R-3-8B 16:00 ~ 16:15

MAGNETO: Low mass dark matter search experiments with fast metallic magnetic calorimeters

Geon-Bo Kim (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)

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